Alice Marwick: [video] Status Update

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Alice is a researcher for Microsoft, looking at social media, online identity and consumption. Her dissertation is entitled “Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, and Self-Branding in Web 2.0”  Read Alice’s full bio here...

“So to be a young person online today means that you have a place online that’s networked but allows you to chat with all your friends and participate in public life. Friends from school, camp, church, whatever. But it also means that all those actions are recorded and are searchable and persistent.”

“When you get into the virtual world, what ends up becoming the status is really about attention and visibility. It’s about how much attention you can command and how many people are listening to you.”

“But there’s this ideal, this potentiality of having your YouTube video get 3 million hits, or have something that you wrote online become a viral sensation. I think that things like the Twitter follower count, where you have this metric, this quantification of attention, I think that’s why they appeal so much to people, because it allows them to compare themselves with their friends and see who is able to command the most visibility online.”

Click here for the full transcript of Alice Marwick interview.

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Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity and Self-Branding in Web 2.0


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