Asi Burak is Changing Digital Games

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Whether it’s the latest version of Call of Duty or some good old fashioned pong, everyone loves digital games and thanks to humanitarian Asi Burak, fun pastimes can also help the planet.

Burak is the co-president of Games for Change, an organization that helps create and distribute social impact digital games to aid with humanitarian efforts around the world.

Like documentaries, Games for Change aims to educate users about different social and political issues through an enjoyable medium but Burak says that it is the interactivity that makes their platform unique.

“It’s something that creates a whole different experience than being a passive consumer,” he says. “You can actually…walk through the shoes of someone else.”

Through their numerous digital games, Burak puts users into the virtual situations of people in other areas of the world. For instance, a player in Toronto can look at the world through the eyes of a Sudanese refugee or become a police avatar and join Mexico’s war on drugs.

Burak says the success that people have in their digital games now translates into real world action. “What’s started to happen with Facebook, social networks and mobile devices, is that the link between the virtual and the real world is starting to become a more close relation, and sometimes it’s one click away from doing something in the real world,” he says.

With Games for Change, everybody wins.

Watch Asi Burak’s full interview, “Games for Change” here:

By: Ishani Nath (@ishaninath


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