Event: Blueprint for the Future,*tomorrow* @ The Academy of the Imposible

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After an incredibly successful first salon last month at The Academy of the Impossible, we’re at it again! This time, we will be branching out the pilot conversation, to discuss not only what elements should be included in a blueprint for the future (themes that arose in the pilot salon included discussions around autonomy, connection, freedom) but also the shape and structure of the blueprint itself. How do we go about creating an open, collaborative blueprint? What format should we use? What platforms? Are there rules? Is the structure modeled on a list of rules, like Ten Commandments for a digital age, or a Declaration of (Networked) Independence, wherein we state what out to be our unalienable rights in a connected world. Is it a wiki? Can it be visual or mixed media? Do different communities have their own blueprints, and if so how are they related to one another?

Join us this Thursday, July 4th at 7:00pm at the Academy of the Impossible, for an Rdigitalife salon on creating a blueprint for the future.

RdigitaLife Salon: Creating a Blueprint for the Future
RdigitaLife Salon: Creating a Blueprint for the Future

Event Description:

This salon will focus on designing an open collective format: What “shape” should the blueprint be? What should it cover, broad themes, or minutia details? Is it personal, community-based, or collective? How is it compiled and how do participants contribute? What media is used? Media designers, content strategists, educators and other curious minds are invited to share feedback and input on strategies for developing an open, collective, and evolving format.


We’re more connected then we’ve ever been in history, and yet we’re lonelier than ever. So, what does it mean to be close to another human being, now? Is it a matter of physical proximity? Trust? Vulnerability? This is the connection paradox of the networked world, but it’s not the only area of our lives that is undergoing a massive shift: Near, far. Online, offline. Real, virtual. Private, public. Intimate, social. We have smart machines that rival the intelligence of people, and we’re so glued to our devices they’ve practically become appendages. So, what does all of this mean? What impact does this constant connectivity have on our relationships with each other, and with the world around us? Is it a coincidence that as we come to see our mobile devices more as parts of ourselves than as products, we also see the rise of bespoke crafts, local diets, and movements to “unplug”?

When it comes to life in the digital age, what is the “new normal,” and how do we reverse engineer a future that we want to be a part of? Join Ramona Pringle, Ryerson Professor and producer of Rdigitialife, and The Academy of the Impossible, in a salon to brainstorm a collective manifesto on what community, connection and well being means in today’s fast paced world, so that we can create a shared social blueprint on how we want to live, with each other and with technology.

Event Info:

Thursday, July 4th at 7pm

The Academy of the Impossible

231 Wallace Avenue // Toronto

Find out more about the event, and about the Academy of the Impossible.


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