Brian Shuster: [video] Building the Virtual Frontier

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Brian Shuster is a 3D-world developer and the creator of Utherverse, a 3D virtual world. View his full bio here…

“You can’t pull back technology, you can’t stop the march forward of these types of things. So the question is: if people are going to be spending that time in front of the computer anyways, isn’t it better if they doing it in a platform that is designed, really, to be as close to and – really, at the end of the day – be as fulfilling as a real world experience, going out and interacting with people in the real world?”

“The world doesn’t have the capacity to support eight billion humans. It certainly doesn’t have the capacity to support well over 15 people in a manner in which anybody could live comfortably the way we’re currently living comfortably, I mean we’re exhausting all of the world resources.”

Click here for the full transcript of Brian Shuster’s interview.

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