Brian Shuster

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3D world developer Brian Shuster skypes with Ramona to talk about the future of virtual worlds, as a place where we play, work and live. He says “the real world can’t support eight billion people,” and proposes that by spending more time in virtual worlds, we will ease the burden on the planet.

brianshuster One of the pioneers of the internet, 3D web developer Brian Shuster is the inventor of dozens of issued and pending internet technology patents. He created one of the first and most successful free web hosting companies in history,, which he sold to in 1999.

After creating several other highly successful internet ventures, Mr. Shuster founded Utherverse, Inc. in 2003 to develop a network of interconnected virtual worlds using a common platform. By 2006 the company was expanded to Canada where Shuster continued to innovate in the virtual world space, culminating in the release of the Virtual World Web (VWW) in the fall of 2009. Utherverse has launched a number of virtual worlds, including “Virtual Vancouver” and the adult-themed “Red Light Center.”

The VWW hosts more than 80,000 commercial virtual worlds and more than one million private virtual worlds. Shuster’s pioneering spirit continues as he continues to develop new uses for the technology.

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