rDigital News: Clones, John Havens, and Phubbing

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Where is technology taking us? And is it somewhere you want to go?

This week’s technology headlines were all about thinking critically about what technology is capable of and whether or not these developments are a step in a positive direction.

The tech world is buzzing about IBM’s attempt to create a clone of the human brain. But while some are excited about this next stage of technological evolution, The Happathon Project’s John Havens confesses that he is terrified of artificial intelligence. But is adding more technology into our lives a good idea? Founders of the “Stop Phubbing” viral movement believe that technology, specifically our phones, are pulling us away from having real human connection.

Here are our picks from this week’s technology headlines.

Clone of human brain from the minds at IBM

Visualization of simulated network of neurosynaptic chips, photo credit: IBM

“Clearly, we can’t build a brain. We don’t have the organic technology, nor do we have the knowledge,” says Dharmendra Modha. But that isn’t stopping this IBM researcher from giving it a shot. The article published in Wired Magazine details how Modha is working towards smarter machines to recreate biological intelligence with computer hardware and software.

John Havens says we should fear Artificial Intelligence

The Happathon Project’s John Havens

In his Mashable OP-ED, The Happathon’s John Havens admits that potential for artificial intelligence scares him “poop-less.”

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For more from John Havens, check out his interviews with rdigitaLIFE:

Stop Phubbing 

Have you ever been out to a nice restaurant with friends, only to have everyone at the table pull out their phones and start texting/tweeting/posting away? Australian grad student, Alex Haigh, diagnosed this common human condition as “phubbing” – snubbing someone by giving your phone more attention than your company. And he is on a mission to put a stop to it.

By: Ishani Nath (@ishaninath



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