Dr. Mary Donohue – [video] The Value of Trust

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Dr. Mary Donohue writes and lectures on ethical leadership, mentoring, and managing corporate culture. She writes a column for the National Post and has published three books. Read Dr. Donohue’s full bio here…

“Trust is something that’s created between two human beings. So in terms of currency, we’ve done everything we possibly could in the past 12 years to rid ourselves of trust between people. So corporations that have it, or people that have trust, are a very valued institution.”

“…when you feel good about exactly what it is you’re doing and you’re communicating and you understand your role and you trust the leaders in your organization, you’re a hell of a lot more productive. We don’t have that trust currently, and that’s where mentoring came in. Mentoring enables people to rebuild the bonds of trust.”

“We spend a lot of time investing in technology, and maybe we’ll train people how to use technology, but technology is nothing without somebody using it, without that person using it.”

Click here for the full transcript of Mary Donohue’s interview.

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