Environmental Overlap: Jennifer Sertl on Finding the Value in Being Human

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Corporate strategist Jennifer Sertl found inspiration from an unlikely source – her four-year-old son.

Jennifer Sertl considers it important we "reinforce the usefulness of being human."
Jennifer Sertl considers it important we “reinforce the usefulness of being human.”

“He wanted to know, ‘does your heart remote control people?'” the founder of Agility3R told Ramona Pringle in her interview with rdigitaLIFE. “And what that made me realize is that his generation doesn’t distinguish between the tool and the emotion.”

Our lives in the real, biological environment are constantly overlapping with the expansive digital world, and at times we can lose sense of our inherent value and skills as humans. Sertl fears that “people are using apps to defer their own decision-making criteria,” which eliminates whatever advantage we still have over machines.

As automation and intelligent machines increasingly render traditionally human tasks redundant, we have to ensure we’re remembering how to “think and create a value,” instead of merely operating the tools that modern technology has granted us.

Hear more from Jennifer in part one and two of her interview with rdigitaLIFE, and check out her bio.

She will also be speaking at the BTM Institute‘s LeadershipXchange event (#DenverXchange13) in Denver, CO., on Thursday, April 18th.

By Andrew Evans


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