Jeff Howe: [video] Crowdsourcing the News

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Jeff Howe is a journalist, currently a contributing editor at Wired Magazine and an assistant journalism professor at Northeastern University. He is credited with coining the term “crowdsourcing” in his 2006 book “The Rise of Crowdsourcing.”  Read Jeff’s full bio here…

“Someone was a good writer, maybe they’d been on the arts desk for awhile, and they had a general knowledge of aesthetics and film. And then they became the film critic for that, let’s call it state. This is not an ideal system, this is not a meritocracy. Is this man the most knowledgeable cineast in the Dayton metro area? Maybe he’s up there in the top 20, but probably not. There’s probably someone, some grad student, some lawyer, some kid, who is a film freak, and actually can intelligently compare a movie to The Seventh Seal.”

“…we had two things, in newspapers. The monopoly on advertising space. You’re a local advertiser, you want the local newspaper. And we had a monopoly on, it was really the only way to reach an aggregated audience of your community. So both of those monopolies go away in conjunction.”

“The fact that the newspaper can no longer make enough money to sustain a newsroom because they’ve lost their monopoly on advertising, well that’s something else. That’s a huge problem, and what will replace that? No one knows, including me.”

Click here for the full transcript of Jeff Howe’s “newsmakers” interview.

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