Jeff Howe: [video] Influence as Currency

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Jeff Howe is a journalist, currently a contributing editor at Wired Magazine and an assistant journalism professor at Northeastern University. He is credited with coining the term “crowdsourcing” in his 2006 book “The Rise of Crowdsourcing.”  Read Jeff’s full bio here…

“The Internet gave archival form, a semi-permanent form, to a lot of interactions that previously had been like dark matter.”

“…as the Internet becomes a place for communities of affinity to come together because of their like minds, because of their attraction to a subject, it gives, essentially, it creates these new economies that we can, if not measure, at least witness.”

“…these new media metrics – Facebook friends, Twitter followers, karma points, the simple reputation you have on the New York Times or Washington Post – these have real value. So, economists who are simply people who are interested in values of networks, are forced-slash-able to actually look at this.”

Click here for the full transcript of Jeff Howe’s “social currency” interview.

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