Jennifer Sertl: Proust Questionnaire

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What is your ideal living environment?
I love living where we live, in Pittsford, NY about 15 minutes from downtown Rochester, NY….Being close enough to the city and having privacy and space has been a blessing for my life and work.

Where is your favourite place to visit, virtual or real?
There is something very special about San Franscico/Berkeley area.

What are your favourite simple pleasures in this modern world?
I have written in a journal since I was 8 years old and make finding time for private reflection and quiet a priority.

What person, place or thing would you revive from the past?
There are three people from the past whom I owe my life to: Immanuel Kant, Ray Bradbury, Madeline L’Engle.

What do you embrace now that you never thought you would?
I have always been very open and expansive in my thinking. I honor more and more the importance of personal discipline and ritual to keep one grounded. I am a better thinker – because of some very important designs that are built into my day, my week. The more expansive my thinking the more I value discipline.

What is something you would love to be able to do in the future that you can’t do now?
I continually look to be a better public speaker. I feel so much comfortable as a coach and writer. I believe I must get better at public speaking to honor the work that means so much to me.

Would you like to live forever?
I hope you can input a song here as I just love Peter Himmelman’s Impermanent Things.

Who has impacted your thoughts the most lately?
One from the past and one from the present. Eric Hoffer and Michel Bauwens.

Which celebrity or public figure deserves their iconic status and why?
Einsten was amazing as a scientist and as a humanitarian so it is terrific to see him quoted and featured so much. In terms of contemporary time, I am really excited about Anderson Cooper’s work and the way he is using his fame and news platform to tell stories that might otherwise remain hidden. He is using his celebrity in beautiful ways.

The book, the movie or the video game?
Of course, the book.

What fills you with gratitude?
I have an amazing global online community of generous and lovely people who keep me current, informed and inspired. My children, 16, 12, and six, all keep me grounded and full of joy.

Do you see flaws as part being human, or as something to overcome?
We all have a question that keeps us up at night that our whole life is meant to answer or the seeking of which fuels our life journey, and we all have a personal dragon to slay.

If you were being gentle with yourself, what would you forgive?
I am constantly working to honor my work as a mother – the world doesn’t celebrate laundry, cooking, house-cleaning – I need to be more organized in my home life and am working to gain more alignment from the outside-in.

What is your loftiest wish for yourself or the world?
I look forward to these quotes being mainstream:
“You are not a node; you are a frequency.”
“If you want to change the world, change your life; micro-shifts create macro-impact.”


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