Jennifer Sertl: We are all on a digital stage, and the world is watching

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Jennifer Sertl considers it important we "reinforce the usefulness of being human."
Jennifer Sertl considers it important we “reinforce the usefulness of being human.”
Are you aware that every “like” or RT or endorsement both subtle and explicit is telling a story about who you are and what you value?

Are you proud of what that aggregate story says about you, what you value and your capability?

Whether we like it or not, stories are being told about us based on analytical data. We can let that happen or we can claim some control of what our data points say about who we are and what we care about.

We are all on a global stage and our impact is being measured. My hope, and what I work towards, is getting people to reexamine their priorities and make wiser long-term decisions when it comes to their digital story.

We now have @klout, @kred TrustCloud! (among others) as platforms just beginning to measure your impact. While these are still in development and are incomplete in what they measure – a conversation has begun about how a person’s online presence can be measured. I am terrified of this trajectory, however, I believe that it is catching on so quickly that it cannot be ignored.

This might hit you like a lightening bolt, this sober view of your auto-autobiography being written by simple responses on social sites. There is a place to regain control, as pointed out by the wise words of Clay Shirky (@cshirky):

“It is not information overload, it is filter failure.” – Clay Shirky

From an existentialist point of view – who you are at your core is perhaps the most important filter to decipher.

Here are the types of questions I use to help people carve out their clarity on what matters most:

  1. What is your definition of leadership? (let me be clear – regardless of your title or where you live – you are a leader of your own life. You need an operating statement – your True North)
  2. What are three qualities do you most value in others?
  3. What compliment have you received that made you feel the most seen? valued?
  4. What are five attributes of collaboration that you most value?

Ask these questions frequently and keep your answers present as a guide to help you ensure that you are designing your life in ways that will continue to keep doors opening for you as the landscape of digital, work, life, legacy get blurred. Claim the story of your life and ensure it is one that you are proud of now and tomorrow.

There is a direct link between your personal growth and social impact – regardless of how the channels evolve.

Impact is not an option, ensure that yours is positive.

Hear more from Jennifer in part one and two of her interview with rdigitaLIFE, and check out her bio.

By: Jennifer Sertl

Jennifer Sertl is a thought leader in the emerging field of corporate consciousness – the convergence of neuroscience and existential philosophy fostering inspiration and subsequently creating strategic advantage and enhancing value. 




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