Jesse Hirsh: [video] Bitcoin and Digital Currency

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Jesse Hirsh is a co-founder of the Academy of the Possible, a “peer-to-peer life-long learning facility.” He has a weekly column on CBC Radio and owns Metaviews Media Management, Inc.  Read Jesse’s full bio here…

“The problem with the nation-state is that everyone gets the sense that its time is done. That it’s a relic of a past time. We look at the Internet and say, “The Internet is now. Digital media is now.” So the notion of digital currency is the idea of value that’s rooted in the present empire, in the present society, rather than the old society.”

“Bitcoin is the first currency on the Internet that has no connection to a national government, has no connection to anything but the Internet economy itself, and, as a result, has quickly grown to be very popular. Perhaps amongst money launderers, perhaps amongst web retailers. Certainly Wikileaks embraced bitcoin, because MasterCard, Visa and PayPal cut them off, so they had no other alternative. So it provides a way for people to pay, or get paid, without care of the law. Without care of traditional, established authorities. In that sense it really embodies, perhaps, some of the virtues, or some of the sins, of the Internet as a whole.”

“But the issue comes back to death and taxes. Because it used to be that people would say there’s no way we can avoid death and taxes. But we have Ray Kurzweil saying we can escape death, and now we have the bitcoin people saying we can escape taxes. That if you use a digital currency that is not tied to any national government, then you can escape the gaze of the taxman. I suspect that will appeal to a lot of people. And if it appeals to enough, if there’s a critical mass of adopters, then bitcoin will be a reality and will trump any national or traditional currency.”

Click here for the full transcript of Jesse Hirsh’s “Social Currency” interview.

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