Jesse Hirsh: [video] Who are the New Newsmakers? (Part 1)

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Jesse Hirsh is a co-founder of the Academy of the Possible, a “peer-to-peer life-long learning facility.” He has a weekly column on CBC Radio and owns Metaviews Media Management, Inc.  Read Jesse’s full bio here…

“…social media means the news comes to you. It’s transcendent. If someone dies, you can’t avoid that death. If a big game in hockey or basketball happens, you’re going to hear about it as it happens. So there’s no more time delay, there’s no more taping it to watch later. Spoilers are everywhere. So social media is very accessible, it means you can be a journalist just by posting on Twitter. But it also means that you have to be very current, that yesterday’s news it yesterday’s news.”

“Automation is transforming every industry, but journalism especially, and a great example is what’s called the ‘algorithmic editorial product.’ Instead of having an assignment editor, who’s a human being, who listens to police scanners, who reads the wires, it’s software that scans Twitter, that scans Facebook, that looks at other media sites, and uses its speed and its software logic to determine what stories should be assigned to real human beings.”

“You know, we talk about the fragmented media universe, when what we should be talking about is a fragmented society, because we no longer have the room for major debates, for the greater good, for the idea that we can govern as a society, rather than just fight amongst tribes.”

Click here for the transcript of part 1 of Jesse Hirsh’s “newsmakers” interview.

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