John Havens: [video] H(app)y

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John C. Havens is the author of the book, Tactical Transparency: How Leaders Can Leverage Social Media To Maximize Value and Build Their Brand, and “Hacking Happiness.” He is the also the founder of The H(app)athon Project, and a contributing writer for Mashable.  Read John’s full bio here…

And I realized, I’m 43, I’m a dad and I said to myself, do I want to the sort of measure of my life – and I’m using that word on purpose – the measure of my life to be mainly about, you know, me saying cool, pithy things. And I began a search to find ways that people identify action in the digital world.

I’m interested in knowing a person’s personal identity, their sort of essence, how they’re projected online, how they’re broadcast, essentially their avatar, if you don’t know how your data’s being used, it’s the same as sort of in real life, not knowing what makes you happy.

I think one aspect of technology that will make us a lot more happy is when we start to make cultural decisions that will catch up with our technology. I’m very focused on people being more self-aware. I think it’s very easy with technology to sort of turn off and let technology do the work of identifying your own happiness whereas I think that people have to proactively take the charge and say, well this is what I’ve identified I want to use and what technologies I want to use or how this is going to make me happy and start to pursue it.

Click here for the full transcript of John Havens’s interview.

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