John Havens

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John C. Havens is the former VP, Social Media at Porter Novelli and the author of the book, Tactical Transparency: How Leaders Can Leverage Social Media To Maximize Value and Build Their Brand. At Porter, John’s focus was on consumer clients and creating content on the themes of transparency and augmented reality.


John C. Havens is Founder of the H(app)athon Project, a contributing writer for Mashable, and author of,  H(app)y – The Value of Well-Being in a Digital Economy (Tarcher/Penguin, 2014).

The H(app)athon Project is an initiative that utilizes emerging technology to improve human well-being and drive positive social change. Guided by a Committee of thirty experts from organizations including the United Nations, World Economic Forum, PEW Internet,, Microsoft, frog, and MIT, the Project is crowdsourcing a global Happiness Indicator to create an open-source app that will help people optimize their well-being and evolve the GDP to include holistic metrics of global value.

Havens was EVP of Social Media at Porter Novelli, and has advised clients on social/emerging media like Gillette, Merck, HP, Monster, and P&G.  He is a former professional actor and current blues musician.

His next book, Happy: The Value of Well-Being in A Digital Economy, will be released in 2014.

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