Judy Martin: Proust Questionnaire

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Judy Martin is a work-stress management consultant who works with clients across all professional sectors to help them transform and channel stress toward creativity and innovation.

What is your ideal living environment?
An organically changing one. I like to be able to have a peaceful place to meditate, a nice yoga studio to practice and meditate. Big windows overlooking nature and walls lined with books.

Where is your favourite place to visit, virtual or real?
Italy, Portofino. But I’m happy to just hit the South Florida beaches to rest up from breaking news!

What are your favourite simple pleasures in this modern world?
Sitting quietly at the beach with a good book. The real kind that you hold in your hand.

What person, place or thing would you revive from the past?
The pristine beaches in the keys without all of the buildings.

What do you embrace now that you never thought you would?
Spending more time at home cooking.

What is something you would love to be able to do in the future that you can’t do now?
Travel around the world more teaching yoga and meditation. In between, hitting museums.

Would you like to live forever?
No way. Period. Too exhausting!

Who has impacted your thoughts the most lately?
Rudi Tanzi. He just co-authored the Super Brain book with Deepak Chopra.

Which celebrity or public figure deserves their iconic status and why?
Stephen William Hawking, British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author. Pushing our minds to the end of the universe, back and inward to our deepest consciousness.

The book, the movie or the video game?

What fills you with gratitude?
The breath at the ocean’s edge.

Do you see flaws as part being human, or as something to overcome?

If you were being gentle with yourself, what would you forgive?
You have an hour?

What is your loftiest wish for yourself or the world?
World peace that would manifest into inner peace.

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