Judy Martin: [video] Work Life Nation: Stress Management in an Always-On Society

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Judy Martin is a work-stress management consultant who works with clients across all professional sectors to help them transform and channel stress toward creativity and innovation.  Read Judy’s full bio here…

It’s not like you leave your soul and your emotions at the door, you’re bringing all that to work. So technology has made it necessary for us to find ways to cultivate resilience.

So if we’re living in a real time situation and we’re always on, we need to learn how to manage that, because if we don’t, we’re going to burn out. The question becomes, how do we navigate all of this sensory overload while managing our stress and cultivating resilience? That is the ontological question.

We’ve come to what I think is the tipping point and the tipping point has arrived not only for the workplace but people on an individual basis. How are you going to manage a work-life merge and how are you going to use the technology paradox to your advantage? Staying in touch with your family and friends, staying in touch with work, but doing it in a way that works for you so that you don’t burn out.

Click here for the full transcript of Judy Martin’s interview.

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