Lauren “Raymi” White: [video] Life Blogging and Alter Egos

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Lauren White has operated, a gossipy blog about her life for over a decade, amassing a legion of followers and an army of haters  Read Lauren’s full bio here…

“…a friend of mine named Jacob, he was like, ‘Take your audience, put it on your own domain, on your own blog.’ So I started a blogspot, it was called ‘Life Happens to Raymi,’ and then I just quickly got popular because no one was really doing it.”

“People who know me in real life know it’s all me, but sometimes you censor and you highlight different parts of your personality to suit whatever it is you’re doing. If I’m going to this function, I’m going to behave. If I’m going to that one, I’m going to be a train wreck. I’m going to give them what they want.”

“I’m constantly thinking about it, I dream about it, I have nightmares, I have anxiety, I check my rank every day like stocks. It goes up and down…it’s ridiculous. But I’m driven and I have a two-year plan essentially, until I’m 30. Do it all, live fast and document it.”

Click here for the full transcript of Lauren White’s interview.

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