Lauren White

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Lifestyle Blogger Lauren White – aka Raymi the Minx – talks about her experience sharing her entire life online… and which version of herself is the real one.

Lauren White

Lauren White has been running her personal blog “Raymi The Minx” for over 12 years. A self-described “blogebrity,” she has made herself locally famous in Toronto by manically documenting her life, whether that’s anecdotes from a hip party or photos of her eggs benedict.

Her candid, bold style of writing has earned her a devoted following of readers, along with a vociferous opposition who find her style of vanity off-putting, if not loathsome. Regardless, seemingly her entire life is available for perusal to anyone who’s curious, leaving her in a position where her online identity, the persona crafted through her blog, completely overlaps with her real life.

Her fame has seen her written about in Eye Weekly, the Torontoist and the Globe and Mail.

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