Leigh Alexander – [video] Out of the Basement: A New Community of Gamers

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Leigh Alexander, video games journalist extraordinaire, talks about community in the world of gaming… It’s a massive community, she says, and as more and more of the population identifies as “gamers,” it’s only going to get bigger.  Read Leigh’s full bio here…

“For me right now that biggest takeaway is the ways that games and connecting us to one another…They’re integrating with the way that we live our lives as a society and together. They’re becoming less solitary escapism type experiences and more community experiences.”

“Games are becoming less stand alone individual products like something you can start and then finish and things that are more persistent, things that are larger environments, things that people are hopefully going to return to forever and contribute to.”

“It has been very impactful for me to form that community around games. I think it’s analogous to the way any community forms on the web – you’re not alone and you bond together and you try and keep growing together.”

Click here for the full transcript of Leigh Alexander’s interview.

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