Leigh Alexander

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Leigh Alexander, video games journalist extraordinaire, talks about community in the world of gaming… It’s a massive community, she says, and as more and more of the population identifies as “gamers”, it’s only going to get bigger.

leigh-alexander-rdigitalifeLeigh Alexander is news director of industry trade site Gamasutra and author of the Sexy Videogameland weblog. Her monthly column at Kotaku deals with the cultural issues surrounding games and gamers.

In the past, she served as Kotaku’s Associate News Editor, and prior to that, ran Gamasutra’s sister site Worlds in Motion, covering the business of online games, social networks and virtual worlds. She chaired Worlds in Motion’s inaugural summit at the Game Developers’ Conference, and has consulted on subsequent summits.

She writes reviews, features and cultural commentary for a variety of outlets, and her work has appeared in Variety, Wired, Slate, The Escapist and Paste Magazine, among others.

Before writing about games, Alexander studied theater, with a two-year degree from New York City’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts. When she’s not gaming, she’s being a little too obsessed with indie bands and the local music scene in Brooklyn, where she currently resides.

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