Mark Siddall: [video] With Possibility Comes Responsibility

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Mark Siddall is a curator and professor at the American Museum of Natural History. His research focuses on leeches, and has been published in several leading scientific journals. Read Mark’s full bio here…

“All of our advances in technology should have and should, as we go forward, bring some responsibility with it as well.”

“As technology is accelerating, our relationship with it has to accelerate as well.”

“Certainly technology has the potential – and we’ve seen it so many times, atomic, nuclear technology – we’ve seen examples of technology having the potential for great harm. But I think we’ve also seen examples that once we get to understand it, once we see its potential, and we understand its potential for harm, I think the human spirit comes through and we, generally speaking, will do the right thing and shun those who don’t… At least I hope we will.”

Click here for the full transcript of Mark Siddall’s interview.

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