Matt Gray – [video] Robot Acting Coach

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How are robots changing the technological, social, and artistic evolution of human life? Assistant professor, actor, and robot acting coach Matt Gray weighs in.  Read Matt’s full bio here…

“…for me the pinnacle of theatrical writers is William Shakespeare, rightly described as a writer who actually helped invent what the definition of human meant. And, yet he was a writer that wrote in iambic pentameter, which is code. It is a black verse, soft followed by a strong beat; it’s literally zeros and ones. So, though actors are ask to “be human,” they are accessing that humanity through a very carefully constructed code.”

“So we dressed these four Roombas up and we gave them a simple camera vision–computer vision feedback loop and told them their instructions of how they had to move and then we let them go. We invited an audience and basically we had sixty people sitting, watching four robots perform a piece of Samuel Beckett.”

“I am a die hard lover of Alan Turing and his beautiful, eloquent, sadly I think unlistened-to, argument that we are machines. That we are beautiful, biological machines.”

Click here for the full transcript of Matt Gray’s interview.

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