In Memory of Judy Martin

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judy martin

This past January, the world of wellness lost a formidable force.

Judy Martin, a leading work-stress management consultant, passed away on Friday, January 31. Judy was an Emmy-award-winning broadcast journalist and the founder of, a site dedicated to transforming stress in an “always-on” world.

In her interview with Rdigitalife, Judy shared her fresh perspective on how technology completely changed how we schedule our time. “Real-time is the new prime-time,” she said. “So if we’re living in a real-time situation and we’re always on, we need to learn how to manage that.”

The way she lived and the perspective she shared is one of making technology fit our needs, rather than the other way around.

And she practiced what she preached. As a decorated journalist and leader in the field of stress-management, Judy was living in the 24/7 news cycle but she actively practiced meditation, yoga, and occasionally escaped the world of breaking news to rest up on the beaches of South Florida.

In her final tweet, posted last Friday, Judy shared a link that spoke to her outlook on not only how to live, but how to live well in our tech-ridden world.

In a world where technology is evolving faster and we are increasingly connected to work, the web, and the 24/7 hour information cycle, Judy leaves a legacy of wellness. Her message about the importance of connecting with our ourselves and our human side will continue to resonate with generations to come.

Our entire team at RdigitaLIFE would like to extend our sincere condolences to Judy Martin’s family and followers. She will be missed.


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