NXNE 2013: Kerry Morrison on passing the point of no return

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Kerry Morrison – a veteran of NXNE interactive – is excited to be a part of the annual event again this year (and so are we!). Check out his talk at the NXNE on June 14, 2013 and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for your chance to win festival passes! 

Behind the scenes shot of our interview with Kerry Morrison.

Between social media, smartphones, and shareable media, it can feel like the world is at your fingertips, and according to upcoming NXNE speaker Kerry Morrison, the future will keep on getting more and more digital.

“Whether it’s right or wrong or whether we should live on our devices this much, I don’t know but I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon,” the CEO of Endloop Mobile told rdigitaLIFE’s Ramona Pringle.

Morrison views tablets as the biggest revolution that we’re currently seeing in computing. When it comes to being able to hold that type of connectivity in your hand and take it with you on the go, Morrison says that desktop computers simply cannot compete.

But while he believes in the future of tablets, he doesn’t see all tech developments as a step in the right direction. Morrison says he isn’t a fan of Google Glasses, because he feels that they break the social connection between people… at least with a smartphone or a tablet, you know when the person you’re having a conversation with isn’t paying attention.. With Google Glasses, that person could be checked out and surfing the web, and you might not even know!

For better or for worse (or maybe a bit of both) Morrison says that a world without devices is no longer a possibility. “We have past the point of no return. 100 per cent.”

Watch Morrison’s complete interview below:

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