Peter Adams Talks Canadian Healthcare IT and Offers a Digital Prescription

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It’s time for a checkup. And the patient is the Canadian healthcare system.

Business developer Peter Adams on Canadian healthcare IT

According to Peter Adams, the healthcare system is having problems.

And we’ve all experienced the symptoms. Gone to the hospital and waited for hours for a quick, simple procedure or appointment.

While the medical system in Canada has a lot to offer, there are flaws with the efficiency of our healthcare system. Adams believes healthcare IT can offer solutions. At MaRS, Adams counsels Canadian Healthcare IT Startups to bring bright ideas and bright people together to improve our medical system.

Changing the system
“Technology isn’t something that just makes a change, there’s a whole change of care and flow and business process that has to happen as well. So to actually retrofit, you don’t just retrofit technology and plug it in and everything changes,” says Adams. “There’s a whole system change that has to go on.”

But as the business developer explains, when it comes to integrating technology into the medical system, solutions are not always easy to prescribe.

“Doctors and nurses, their job is always at the level of saving life and protecting life,” he says. “They have serious issues and mandates that they have to operate against. So trying anything new – if they have the time to try something new – needs to be really simple, it needs to deliver immediate value and not slow their work down.”

Between new programs aiming to improve wait-times in hospitals to what Adams estimates to be approximately 40,000 healthcare apps, it seems like technology is still trying to figure out where it can help versus where it might harm.

Peter Adams is currently spearheading an initiative with Ontario’s healthcare leaders to unite the system in innovation options.

“The good news is we have a crisis. The bad news is we have a crisis,” says Adams. “Crisis drives innovation so this is a time for innovation.”

Where does tech fit into the evolving healthcare system? Can technology help us feel more connected to our health? Will technology change how  the public connects with physicians?

Find out what Peter Adams thinks about challenges and opportunities in Canadian healthcare in his interview part one and part two of his interview “Health Tech and Improving Well Being.” To learn more about Adams, check out his Proust Questionnaire.

By: Ishani Nath (@ishaninath


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