Peter Adams: [video] Health Tech and Improving Well-Being (Part 1)

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Peter is a senior executive leader in technology business development with experience spanning bioengineering, sales and marketing management, entrepreneurship, consulting and general management Read Peter’s full bio here…

The internet and the new knowledge-based economy has really changed that dramatically because we’re all now more aware of (a) either how healthy or  unhealthy we are and (b) there’s a myriad of solutions available to us.

“A big issue is when you go and see your doctor, people only remember 20 per cent of what the doctor tells them. And then when you go home, whether you actually order and take your medication or take it as prescribed, or when something goes wrong, you have a way to interact. Healthcare information technology really help that process, because that process is really broken.

Technology isn’t something that just makes a change, there’s a whole change of care and flow and business process that has to happen as well. So to actually retrofit, you don’t just retrofit technology and plug it in and everything changes. There’s a whole system change that has to go on.

Click here for the transcript of part one of Peter Adams’s interview.

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