Peter Carrescia: [video] The T’s of Entrepreneurship and Valuing Digital Properties

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Peter Carrescia is a venture capitalist specializing in technology and media investments. He spent more than a decade at VenGrowth, leading investments in a wide variety of software and digital products.  Read Peter’s full bio here…

“I like to talk about what I like to refer to as the three T’s: technology, team, and timing. And based on where a company is in its stage, they require different amounts of each of those. At a very early-stage company, just two or four people, team is very, very important. It would be the vast majority of what you’re looking at. Are they smart people? Do they listen? Not just to their (venture capital) but to the market, to their customers, to the feedback they’re getting as they’re developing a product.”

“There’s some things that are very obvious that you can build and sell for money. In software, for instance, Microsoft Office is an example of something that has always been sold for money. It’s very obvious how much money you can make for that. Something like Instagram or Facebook, it’s less obvious how you monetize something like that.”

“It’s interesting, a lot of people do correlate economic activity with technological innovation. It often works the other way around. A technological innovation typically drives economic growth in the years that follow it, because of the ability to dramatically improve productivity. That’s typically what you’ve seen. A technical innovation will drive economic activity at some point after the initial invention of the technology.”

Click here for the full transcript of Peter Carrescia’s interview.

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