Private Life: The Paradox of the Digital Age. A Video Series From The Walrus and rdigitaLIFE

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The Walrus and and rdigitaLIFE have teamed-up to bring you Private Life: The Paradox of the Digital Age, a video series that delves into digital privacy — and whether we have any left.

It seems that in our hyper-connected world, there are four ways to protect your privacy online:

  • Don’t use a mobile phone
  • Always pay cash
  • Don’t go online
  • Never leave your house

This may sound extreme, but in an era where so much of our personal information is online, what are the greatest risks to privacy in our hyper-connected world?

Ramona Pringle, Ryerson University professor, filmmaker and host/producer of rdigitaLIFE, asks – surely there must be a better way?

The Walrus and rdigitaLIFE delve deeply into the issue with an honest, hard-edged, six-part online video series on privacy and how it affects our relationships with friends, families, colleagues and communities.

With the government of Canada’s new privacy legislation just announced, making it a criminal act to share explicit photos without a person’s permission, our individual and collective privacy are more important than ever.

Topics discussed include:

  • Privacy, publicness and the need for new philosophers
  • Revenge porn and consent
  • The surveillance state
  • The age of innocence
  • The bargain: What we’re willing to give up, for a hit of oxytocin
  • Anonymity and the coming of ‘Age of Anonymous’.

The series features hard-hitting questions and thought-provoking insights and from Ontario privacy commissioner, Ann Cavoukian, author and NYU professor Clay Shirky, Forbes online editor and privacy columnist, Kashmir Hill, director of the Cyber Crime Institute at Ted Rogers School of Management, Avner Levin, feminist activist Steph Guthrie, director of the Future of Privacy Forum, Jules Polonetsky, and others.

Launch: Exclusive new videos on beginning Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tweet Chat: We will be hosting a live tweet chat on the subject of privacy, Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 7:30 pm (ET).  Follow the hashtag: #rprivatelife and the @rdigitalife account on Twitter.

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