rDigital News: iPhone 5S, Red Burns and our host Ramona Pringle

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It’s that time of year again. This week, Apple revealed its newest iPhone with a whole new set of bells and whistles. But, with everyone getting super excited about new gadgets, are we losing focus on why we’re using the technology we’re using? This week’s technology headlines challenged us to reconsider why we want the technology we want.

Here is our roundup of the biggest news stories from this past week:

The iPhone 5S

The biggest news to hit the tech world this week is one that is becoming all too familiar: Apple announced yet another edition of it’s beloved iPhone. Unveiled on Tuesday, the iPhone 5S boasts a number of new upgrades on the classic design including a new finger-print-sensor home button that enables Touch ID. What will this mean for privacy? How will this change how we interact with technology?

Check out these links for more information on the impact of iPhone 5S’s new Touch ID system:

Lessons from Red Burns

“Think of technology as a verb, not a noun; it is a subtle but important difference.”

That is only one of many lessons that Red Burns, “the godmother of Silicon Alley,” left behind when she passed away a few weeks ago. In a poignant opinion piece published in Wired Magazine, Margaret Stewart explores Burns’ lessons and outlook on where technology is headed. “Let’s Stop Focusing on Shiny Gadgets and Start using Tech to Empower People,” offers a refreshing take on how society could, and possibly should, be looking at the evolution of technology.

Ramona Pringle makes the list

Finally, we are extremely excited to share that our host Ramona Pringle has been named one of Playback’s Top 10 people to watch in 2013. For more updates from our superstar host, follow on Twitter @ramonapringle!



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