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We can connect to the opposite side of the world in a matter of seconds. We have smart machines that rival the intelligence of people. And we’re so glued to our devices that they’ve practically become appendages.

So, what does all of this actually mean?

What impact does this constant connectivity have on our relationships with each other, and with the world around us?

The world is in the midst of a huge shift, impacting everything from the economy, to the environment, to the way we meet and fall in love.

What are the big changes happening right now, and how do they impact real people in their everyday lives?

Curious, unbiased and provocative, rdigitaLIFE takes a fresh approach to all things digital, fostering conversations about technology that have less to do with gadgets and apps, and more to do with human beings.

Host and producer Ramona Pringle tackles the big issues in technology, cutting edge innovation, and networked living, for a forward-looking perspective on what it means to be human in today’s wired world.

An online portal, rdigitaLIFE is a conversation starter, sparking debate about the nature of our connections – to our devices and to each other – and inspiring people to ask questions about what role technology plays in their lives, from the incredible opportunities and possibilities, to the unseen and unintended consequences.

Multi-platform and interactive, rdigitaLIFE charts an optimistic course ahead, “reverse engineering a future we want to be a part of” by empowering audiences to make positive decisions about our relationship with technology, each other, and the world around us.

Curious – Unbiased – Provocative – Accessible – Optimistic – Timely



The Timing
The world is in flux. Thought leaders call it a big shift. In the rush of exponential growth and rapid fire change, the one thing that is certain is that the last ten years can’t predict the next ten. So how do we find the balance and stability to be agile and adaptable enough to flourish in the digital frontier?

The solution lies in our hands, and empowering real people to make conscious choices about technology, the environment, and our relationships and communities.

Based at Ryerson and completely independent, rdigitaLIFE is part of a growing movement: from the National Day of Unplugging, to those dedicated to the Quantified Self, to organic food and bespoke crafts, how do we lead the lives we want and create a way of life that is sustainable – now?

The timing is perfect, and rdigitaLIFE is poised to be the go-to source for conversations about technology that have less to do with gadgets and more to do with the human experience.

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