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Identity & the Digital Self
Are you the same person online as you are, offline? Is it true that we can be anyone we want to be, online? rdigitaLIFE explores identity in the age of avatars and digital alter egos. With: Sonia Arrison, Lauren White and Patchen Barss.

The Merging of Man & Machine: Trans-Humanism & Robot Evolution
How is evolution changing? From pacemakers to artificial limbs, humans are becoming increasingly “robotic”… meanwhile robots are becoming more advanced, more sentient and more living. Are man and machine truly merging? What are the possibilities? The ethics? And the emotional implications of robot evolution? With: Ray Kurzweil, Sherry Turkle, “Eyeborg” Rob Spence and Matt Gray.

Communities: Guilds, Meet-ups and the Era of the City
Digital communities and the return of the real world social network: an exploration of how we’re connecting in the age of constant connection. With: Clay Shirky, Scott Heiferman, Barbara Pantuso and Leigh Alexander.

Environment: Real & Virtual Worlds
From Facebook to video games to GPS, we spend most of our waking hours connected. How does that impact our relationship with the natural world? As technology touches every aspect of our lives, how is our understanding of the world around us evolving? With: Tom Rand, Vincent John Vincent, Maggie Koerth Baker and Elizabeth Churchill.

Storytelling: Transmedia & the Evolution of Art
It’s said that to tell stories is what makes us human. It’s how we store our memories and how we make sense of new information. We understand ourselves and the world around us through the narratives we weave. With: Lance Weiler, Katerina Cizek and Jared Ficklin.

Social Currency: The New Trust Economy
Pennies and paper, mountains of debt. When it comes to currency, we tend to think of dollars and cents. But in the age of social media, currency is a lot more complicated than just the change in your pocket. With: Jesse Hirsh, Jeff Howe, Paige Arnof-Fenn and Mary Donohue.

Well Being & the Search for Balance
Could you totally unplug? Could you cast aside all of your digital devices and go off the grid? Does the thought make you feel more relaxed and serene, or does the idea of being disconnected fill you with anxiety? With: Sonia Arrison, Ray Kurzweil, John Havens and Jennifer Sertl.

The New News: Viral Videos & the Echo Chamber
What’s the balance between information and entertainment? The old news adage was, “If it bleeds, it leads,” meaning that shock value and sensationalism would yield higher ratings and higher revenues. Has that changed? Or in the YouTube world, do dancing cats and tiara-wearing toddlers trump the information we need to know? With: Tony Burman, Jeff Howe, Clay Shirky and Jesse Hirsh.


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