Real Talk From Brian Shuster About Virtual Worlds

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Brian Shuster, a 3D-world developer and the creator of the 3D virtual world “Utherverse”

The Internet is addictive, and I for one, am a complete addict. Brian Shuster, a 3D-world developer and the creator of the 3D virtual world “Utherverse,” explains that since we are now spending so much time in front of the computer, the next frontier in digital technology is to make the web more like real life.

We get fulfillment from the real world, says Shuster, so why not design online spaces to emulate those experiences? Host Ramona Pringle sits down with Shuster and discusses the pros and cons of making the virtual world more “real.”

For some, interacting on the web can be a way of practicing for real life interaction – for instance, with online dating. “Many users find that the virtual world, and interacting in the virtual world, empowers them and is very enabling in their lives, and they take a lot of what they learn into the real world,” says Shuster.

Will technology eventually replace our need to experience in the real world?

Maybe, in the future, my internet addiction will be be more like being addicted to an enhanced real world, hosted by the web. In a way, addicted to a digital life.

Shuster says that a 3D worldwide web is only in its early stages, but the idea is on the horizon. “If it was done properly, it will be a beautiful change and it will bring humans back to a place where we’re more like our ancestors, in that we’re tribal again,” he says. “We’re interacting with groups on a regular basis, but it’s those groups like our extended families which are all over the world now.”

Learn more about what the future may hold in Brian Shuster’s full interview, “Building the Virtual Frontier.”

By: Ishani Nath (@ishaninath


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