Rob Spence Has an Eye on You

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Rob Spence - The Eyeborg
Toronto filmmaker Rob Spence wears a prosthetic eye with a built-in video camera and wireless transmitter.

Walk downtown on any given day, and hundreds – if not thousands, of people are going to lay eyes on you, if even for a second. There’s an assumed social contract that if you step out into public, your behaviour can be observed by anyone passing by. But how would that environment change if those eyes had the ability to record whatever they’re seeing?

Or, more accurately, how will it?

Google plans to have Google Glass in the hands – and on the faces – of consumers in time for Christmas. That means that passersby, if they’re wearing a sleek piece of metal on their forehead, could be recording – or even broadcasting – your brief interaction.

Toronto filmmaker Rob Spence, however, can already do this. The “Eyeborg,” as he calls himself, severely damaged his right eye with a shotgun when he was only nine years old. The eye was eventually removed and replaced by a prosthetic. His isn’t your everyday glass eye, though; it features a miniaturized video camera that transmits a wireless signal.

Most people don’t have digital technology inside their bodies, replacing organic tissue. The Eyeborg does.

Watch Ramona’s interview with Rob and ask yourself – if you could alter your body, merge it with modern technology, would you?


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