Rob Spence – [video] The Eyeborg on Augmentation

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Rob Spence is the Eyeborg: part man and part machine. He is a documentary filmmaker who conceptualized a custom bionic eye that can be inserted to replace his damaged biological eye.  Read Rob’s full bio here…

“…the way these things start is that you Google ‘bionic eye,’ see where it takes you, make a few strange calls and a few years later I have a camera eye.

it feels like you are breaking the human contract a little bit when that pupil to pupil, that human thing, one of the last, most human kinds of interactions we have is actually jammed into the Skynet now.

I think it’s just a normal evolution, it just happens to be going more quickly than it use to be. We are taller, were stronger. We have contact lenses, people are getting laser surgery, they’re getting boob jobs, this is all normal to us because we are use to it and it’s happen sort of gradually but as time goes on in the near future, the same business as usual it’s just moving a little quicker now.

Click here for the full transcript of Rob Spence’s interview.

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