Privacy and its value: Tweet chat for the Paradox of the Digital Age

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After launching #rPrivateLife: The Paradox of The Digital Age, we hosted a live tweet chat to discuss privacy and its value.

To start, we asked participants: What does privacy mean to you?

Although the question aimed to strike a personal chord with them – some of the responses quickly turned the conversation to a discussion on the state of privacy in today’s society.

But as we further examined the state of privacy, the consensus seemed to be that privacy is still alive in the digital age.

That doesn’t mean there are no risks to privacy. Cyberbullying and revenge porn were just two of many risks to privacy brought up during the live chat.

But more than just pointing out the current issues, the privacy and its value tweetchat offered advice, caution, and most importantly, hope.

Read the tweets below!

Share your thoughts on privacy and its value with us @rdigitalife using #rprivatelife.


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