Scott Heiferman: [video] MeetUp & the Return of the Offline Community

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Scott Heiferman shares was he has learned about creating community in his experience as the founder and CEO of, a social networking site that facilitates real-world networks.  Read Scott’s full bio here…

“What’s on the screen is only going to get more interesting and more interesting, and more interesting. But there is something about face-to-face too. And so it’s not one is good and one is bad but we do get something from face-to-face that can’t be replicated on a screen.”

“We’re really fighting for at Meetup is not just like, “it’s about online vs. offline,” it’s about saying that are there actual real local communities of people who can depend on each other for different things, help each other out, work together, collaborate, converse, cooperate, and you know do the stuff that a real community does. Be what a real community is.

“The revolution that’s going on is people turning to each other. They were turned away from each other and looking at you know, big media and eating big food in a world of big finance and big industry and they’re saying, ‘Hey no wait, we can entertain each other, we can sell each other’s stuff, rent each other’s stuff, share each other, we can babysit each other’s kids…'”

Click here for the full transcript of Scott Heiferman’s interview.

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