Shane Hankins: [video] Unplugged

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Shane Hankins is the COO of Reboot, a non-profit think tank based in New York, looking for ways to reconnect Jewish people with their faith. They’ve organized a project called the National Day of Unplugging, with the goal of getting people away from technology and back in touch with the environment and each other.  Read Shane’s full bio here…

“… it became pretty clear that, particularly for people who have grown up with technology as an invasive thing in their life, people in their 20s or 30s, that technology was kind of the main thing that was preventing people from being able to relax, from having a day of rest, having a day that’s kind of separate from others.”

“There’s this idea that’s become popular, this idea of a “fear of missing out.” People are very concerned that there’s a dialogue or conversation going on (that they aren’t part of.)”

” That’s the danger of the online world – the ability to curate what you’re assuming is so pervasive and great means that you don’t have to be exposed to ideas beyond the things you’re interested in. And people aren’t that way. Even the people in your family or the people in your group of friends are going to share exactly the same interests. And there is a value in having a conversation with them or doing an activity with them. You can learn something about yourself and about others that you can’t online with your very specific interests and narrowly choosing what it is that you want to consume.”

Click here for the full transcript of Shane Hankins’ interview.

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