Sherry Turkle: [video] Alone Together

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Sherry Turkle, author of “Alone Together, Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other” invites Ramona Pringle into her home, to talk about robot evolution, technology, and the difference between a “connection” and a “conversation”  Read Sherry’s full bio here…

“Robots will never know the arc of a human life, will never know death, will never fear death, will never know life, will never know what it is to have a child, will never know what it is to fear the loss of a child, will never know what it is to know life. Why would they be somebody I would want to talk about my child?”

“I once did a study that I loved, which was asking people, “Would you take a chip, an implant, that would give you calculus?” Just a calculus implant and most people think, “Yeah,” they would take calculus by an implant. Then it was, “Would you take a chip that would give you the works of Dostoevsky?” and most people said, “No.” The Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, Faulkner you had to read it, you had to be a person and experience it..

“When you connect with a robot, you haven’t connected, because there’s nobody home to connect to. So you connect to something that’s not there to really forge a relationship with, so you don’t really have any practice in forging a mutual relationship.”

Click here for the full transcript of Sherry Turkle’s “Robot Evolution” interview.

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