Thiago Caires: [video] Affordable Augmentation and Destroying Evolution

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Biomedical Engineer and co-founder of Bionik Laboratories Inc. Thiago Caires on advancements in biomedical technology and robot evolution.  Read Thiago’s full bio here…

“It all began because we started a brain-control prosthetic arm – that is, you put a headset on your head and think about controlling the arm and the arm goes up and down.”

“But if you put some skin on the robot or something that’s biological like a camera, then it’s a man and robot interface, right? So a person with a metal plate is technically half robot, half human, right?”

“So, yes, we’re changing evolution, but is it bad? Is it wrong? We have to find out, but it’s all about the people. If they are happier with using the device from the technology, I think it’s more important than actually seeing the evolution as a whole.”

Click here for the full transcript of Thiago Caires’s interview.

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