Thiago Caires

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Biomedical Engineer and co-founder of Bionik Laboratories Inc. Thiago Caires speak with Ramona on advancements in biomedical technology and robot evolution.

thiagocairesThiago Caires co-founded Bionik Laboratories Inc. with his business partner Michal Prywata. Both Thiago and Michal have a background in biomedical engineering from Ryerson University. Together, they’ve won the Ontario Engineering Competition, earned second place in the Canada Engineering Competition and placed in the top ten for the Innovation Showcase.

After seeing the potential in their work, they postponed the completion of their studies to launch Bionik Labs, where they work full-time as developers and managers.

Bionik Labs is a medical technology company, with the stated mission of providing “advanced and comprehensive healthcare solutions for persons with restricted physical movement.”
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