Tony Burman: [video] Covering the Uncoverable: Social Media and the Arab Spring (Part 1)

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In his 35-year career, award-winning journalist Tony Burman has served as the managing director of Al Jazeera English and editor-in-chief of CBC News. He is now a research chair at Ryerson University.  Read Tony’s full bio here…

“…the last couple of years at Al Jazeera were far more groundbreaking than, for example, my years at the CBC were, simply because of the development in social media, and also the unique eruption of the revolutions in the Arab world, which I think came together in a very unique way.

Black and white is very easy to portray, and yet most of us are knowledgeable enough and sophisticated enough to realize that the nuance and the truth, to the extent that there is any truth, lies between the polarities. So I think in that sense, social media has enabled all of us who work in the mainstream media who now work in so-called multi-platform news organizations to better reflect the diversity of issues and the broad multitude of opinions on so many issues.

At the end of the day, we as individuals have got to choose what we choose to choose, and if we want to remain in our little bubble, we’re allowed, democratically to [do so]. I think it’s a sad thing, but I think, as the world becomes more and more complicated and, if not frightening, certainly threatening in terms of a lot of things that are kind of emerging, that will encourage and stimulate people to get outside their comfort zone.

Click here for the transcript of part 1 of Tony Burman’s interview.

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