Tony Burman: [video] Covering the Uncoverable: Social Media and the Arab Spring (Part 2)

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In his 35-year career, award-winning journalist Tony Burman has served as the managing director of Al Jazeera English and editor-in-chief of CBC News. He is now a research chair at Ryerson University.  Read Tony’s full bio here…

I think the training of a good journalist is to be detached as they can be, to be able to process a multitude of sources and to, in a fair, comprehensive way, provide their audience with a sense of what are the key elements they should understand.

“…a lot of news organizations outside of North America are doing far better per capita than they are inside North America. In other words, it’s not true that the media businesses worldwide is in trouble. It’s in trouble in certain parts of North America, certain sectors.

I think it’s a great period for people in general, in terms of the use of technology and how it impacts on media. But I think it’s also an exciting time for young people who want to take advantage and use that media in some sort of public service way.

Click here for the transcript of part 2 of Tony Burman’s interview.

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