Top 5 Robot Companions

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Whether it’s vacuuming around the house or saving the world, Hollywood seems to think that robot companions can offer us a helping hand. World-renowned futurist and author Ray Kurzweil said, “Evolution is not just biological evolution. It started with biology; right now we have technological evolution.” Let’s hope that technology will evolve to become productive members of our human society out like these awesome robohelpers.

#5: Terminator

photo credit: shawnzrossi via Flickr

Though he’s originally programmed to destroy humans, Terminator T-800 is ultimately reprogrammed by John Connor to protect Sarah Connor, her son, and the future of our society. But since it takes an entire movie before the Terminator goes from harmful to helpful, he’s at the bottom of our list.

#4: Rosie



When cartoonists envisioned the future, they clearly saw robots as part of the family. On the Jetsons, Rosie showed just how great of a robot companion she could be. She’ll tidy up your house AND your schedule.

#3: Wall-E

photo credit: HarshLight via Flickr
Built to clean up the planet, Wall-E will show you the beauty of life and love – characteristics that some believe to be unique to humans.

#2: R2D2 and C3P0

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The famed dynamic duo help fight intergalactic battles in an effort to help good triumph over evil. I think Chewy and Hans Solo would agree that these two are great robot companions to have in a tight spot.

#1: Optimus Prime and the Autobots

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Unlike our other contenders, these robots were not created by humans. Instead, they were gifted to our world as a means of protection for the human race. They top our list because of their dual purpose as both awesome vehicles and badass robots ready to battle to save the planet. And, as a bonus, this team of “robots in disguise” may even help get you together with your long-time crush.

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