Vincent John Vincent: [video] Cameras Everywhere

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Vincent John Vincent is the CEO of Gesturtek, and an award winning pioneer of gesture-based computing. As someone who has spent his career making technology “invisible” all around us, he talks about how technology is changing our environment. View his full bio, here.

“Camera-based technology has its own dangers that are inherent. Two things: one is that we can see into the environment, and we can intelligently see into the environment. We can make documentation of that.”

“Having security cameras everywhere in our lives is an issue. Whether we should have them there, whether the information they’re picking up about us – where we are, what we’re doing, facial recognition, all that kind of stuff – eventually those things, depending on the nature of our society and how much we’re moving together as a community, but those things should be choices that people get to make in public.”

“I’m optimistic that humans will find balances that end up using the things they’re capable of doing in a positive way that just makes our lives better. Might take a long time though. It’s a long road, and there’s a lot to balance between.”

Click here for the full transcript of Vincent John Vincent’s interview.

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