Would you become a cyborg?

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How would you augment yourself, with technology, if you could? That’s the question we’re asking this week, on Facebook and on Twitter, and your answer could win you passes to Hardware, a one day festival put on by FITC featuring Arduino, Google Glasses, 3D Printing and more.

When we think of man and machine merging, we tend to conjure up images of robots and cyborgs, the fodder of science fiction, like Iron Man or Robot Cop. But as Ray Kurzweil, the infamous futurist, put it in our interview with him at the Singularity Summit, “We’re going to merge with these machines, we already have. our technologies are getting smaller and smaller. We will put them inside of ourselves.”

From pacemakers, to artificial limbs, to enhancements as seemingly mundane as eyeglasses, just walk down the street and you’ll pass any number of supposed “cyborgs.”

But if an artificial limb or laser-corrected vision doesn’t quite meet your definition of “cyborg,” how about a camera eye?

Toronto filmmaker Rob Spence lost an eye following a shotgun accident, and now has a miniature camera implanted into his prosthetic eye. He can record and transmit video live as he goes about his day. A Finnish man, Miika Terho, has gone even further, having a microchip implanted behind his eye that actually allows his brain to register shapes, restoring some of his vision.

Increasingly, technology is finding its way into our bodies, enabling us reach higher and move faster. Our evolution has changed from an organic process into a robotic one.

So ask yourself, how would you improve yourself? What roles would you give up to technology to be capable of more? Tweet us at @rdigitalife, comment on our Facebook page, or leave your answer in the comments, and you can win a pass to Spotlight: Hardware, valued at $139!


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